Paris on Ponce

Paris on Ponce has become Atlanta’s favorite bohemian destination over the past 15 years. Perched high on a hill overlooking Ponce de Leon Avenue, the iconic orange building is both landmark and wonderland. Sprawling over 46,000 square feet are three closely linked entities showcasing art, antiques, furnishings, ateliers, boutiques, and oddities– room after room of surprise and delight.


CONCEPT CREATION Atlanta is known for it’s eclectic mix of all things old and new. From the beautiful architecture, to the inhabitants, to the food, the city is down for just about anything. Paris on Ponce pretty much exists by that same standard—and their tagline “Antiques and the Unique” gives the perfect insight into what you will find when you walk through their doors.

Paris on Ponce plays host to it’s own consignment shop, a unique collection of 3 dozen independently owned boutiques, and “seductive boudoir” (aka event space) called Le Maison Rouge tucked away in the corner. The whole place is just awesomely weird and cool at the same time. There is just no other way to describe it. I wanted to be sure to capture that sentiment with this ad campaign.

Since Atlanta has a neat little street art scene, I thought it would be cool to incorporate it into the theme. Not only would it speak to the target demographic of urban hipsters, it would be a great compliment to the existing street art of downtown. Wheat pastings are commonly used in street art, so my illustrator used his imagination to come up with his own kooky version of what we would paste all around town in the name of Paris on Ponce.

I wouldn’t be a social zealot if I didn’t think of a way to bring this street art to life with some sort of social media, so of course I incorporated a Twitter coupon hunt. Paris on Ponce would place stickers in precarious locations all over Atlanta, then post a picture of the location on Twitter with a clue. Hunters/Twitter Followers would then be able to bring that sticker to Paris on Ponce for discount on their purchase.

I also created sale tags, an ad for Creative Loafing (the uber local paper), and a catalog cover.

CREATIVE DIRECTION This project involved an illustrator who created each of the pieces from scratch.

GRAPHIC DESIGN Photoshop, Illustrator


Illustrator and Graphic Designer: Dillon Reedy