The National Corn Growers Association increases opportunities for American Corn Growers. This campaign integrates print, outdoor, vehicle wraps, Google Goggles, and a mobile audio tour.


CONCEPT CREATION Who doesn’t love corn? I am a huge fan! It’s pretty much an American staple, but not one without controversy. The NCGA does it’s best to represent and support the corn growing industry, while educating the public on the benefits of corn. Their website exists to provide all sorts of industry news and facts that cover a range of topics including food, livestock, and converting corn to fuel.

This campaign was inspired by personal childhood memories of how everyone at my family dinner table ate their corn differently. To me, corn was more than food, it was fun food! I decided that this idea, coupled with stunning graphics would be an amazing way to catch the attention of multiple demographics.

Google Goggles would be used to give the already exciting array of ads even more life by linking to a search of topics related to everything corn on

Additionally, a one square mile traveling faux corn maze would incorporate an audio tour chock full of fun corn facts. In order to access each fun fact, maze goers would trigger the audio tour by taking a pic of the NCGA logo embedded on items such as artificial livestock and old cars sprinkled throughout the corn maze.

CREATIVE DIRECTION This project involved a model, a photographer, and a cool location—all of which I had to source. I also provided all of the corn.

GRAPHIC DESIGN Photoshop, Illustrator


Photographer: Mike Colletta
Models: Barry Suttles, Marta Prus, Tiffiny Shayhorn, Jamie Stewart, Max Willie
Poster Design: Samanta Phan