Drive Offroad is an ecommerce website that specializes in selling Jeep parts. This diverse campaign focused on using face to face interactions, coupled with printed flyers, geared at driving traffic to several key social media outlets.


CONCEPT CREATION At the time of this campaign, was in development and not yet live. The objective was to create a social media community, so that when the website went live we would have a captive audience of potential customers.

So, with a partner in crime, we headed out to the 2011 East Jeep Safari. This event has been going on for over 40 years and hosts thousands of devoted rock crawling Jeepers every year. All we brought with us was our cameras, smart phones, and a fist full  of flyers. That’s all we needed to start making friends by turning every day rock crawlers into “Rockstars.” Rockstar meaning internet famous!

We used our cell phones to take video of rock crawlers during their obstacle runs, our DSLR cameras to take pics of every Jeep we could, and a GPS camera to map the trail rides. After every run and photo captured, we hand delivered a flyer directly to the driver and explained that their video or high resolution wallpaper download would be available at the social links provided.

We never talked about selling a single part during our adventure. We simply made friends knowing that if we could get them to trust us as a friend rather than salesmen, we we be able to sell to them when the time was right.

CREATIVE DIRECTION/PROJECT MANAGEMENT This project involved a graphic designer, a printer, and our IT department. It was my job to oversee the creative aspect of every piece created for the campaign. I took the lead sourcing a company to print our material.  I also worked with our IT department while on the road to ensure photos and videos were available within 24 hours.

THE OUTCOME  Mission accomplished. Within days of our arrival back home, we had several thousand Facebook fans, hundreds of Twitter followers, and about 17,000 video views.


Graphic Design: Cody Wellons
Partner in Crime: Dave Logan
Brainstorming and IT: Paul Firestine


DESIGN and COPYWRITING I also had a hand in the creation of the e-commerce website as a whole. My role included input on design and functionality, writing copy for the entire website, writing blog posts, writing product descriptions, and managing the social media community.