Chambers of Horror

Chambers of Horror is an award-winning adults-only horror attraction located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This complete ad campaign combines social media, web, and mobile for a cohesive and integrated campaign.


CONCEPT The idea was to follow a serial killer on his rampage by way of QR codes which would give clues as to where the next ad could be found. With each ad progression, the killer reveals himself. The last ad and QR code would give the follower a coupon that could be used at the door simply by showing the coupon on their phone.

In addition to the ads, I also set up an augmented reality station in the middle of a busy shopping district in Atlanta, GA. The “scene” involved a white carpet with a fake bloody severed foot and a full length mirror. Passersby would see a Snap Tag on the mirror which would instruct them to take a picture of the marker while looking in the mirror. Once the photo was taken, the person holding the phone would naturally look at the photo on their phone. Behind them, in the photo, the serial killer would appear in place of the marker.

I also created T-shirts that could be purchased at the end of the haunted house.

CREATIVE DIRECTION This project involved a model, a photographer, and a studio—all of which I had to source and hire. I provided all of the props and even mixed the blood myself.



Photographer: Jonathan Walker
Model: Barry Suttles